Two-Way Radio Services for Casinos in Virginia and North Carolina

Security Solutions to Keep Your Casino Safe

Your casino is bound to have lots of cash flowing through the facility and you can’t afford to slip up on security. Don’t take a gamble on the safety of your patrons or employees.

Organizing communications across a casino is not as simple as buying a handful of discount devices.

GCS helps ensure your house always wins with comprehensive two-way radio systems that improve daily and emergency communications. Our services include radio installations, system designs and a lifetime of repairs.


Commercial Two-Way Radio Solutions for Casinos and Gaming Emporiums

Your casino is an active environment. Slot machines are whirring, dice are being rolled, people are celebrating and music is playing in the background.

In such a busy space with so many shifting parts, you need effective and clear communications to keep operating smoothly.

That’s where a system of two-way radios comes in. You can use walkie-talkies, alerts, public address systems and more to keep your staff all on the same page.

You can choose from radios specifically designed for indoor spaces, long battery life options for late nights, small portable handhelds and more.

GCS services Virginia and North Carolina making our radios the perfect choice for casino cities such as Danville, Bristol, Cherokee, Murphy and Kings Mountain. You can work with us to service your casino, bingo hall, gaming business, cardroom, racetrack and more. Consider us your one stop shop for safety communications across the board.

You can choose from equipment and technologies such as:

  • Analog
  • Digital
  • Conventional Repeaters
  • Trunked Systems

Our team works to understand the scope and goals of your facilities. From there, you’ll be provided with competitive pricing options and advice from communications experts.

You can select radios for single or multiple buildings as well as vehicles if needed.

Repairs and Maintenance for Your Two-Way Radio System

If at any point your system is damaged or you’re ready for radio expansions, GCS can help.

Part of our customized two-way radio systems services is a dedication to help you grow or fix your system.

This could include adding more walkie talkies, upgrading to longer range devices as your casino gets larger, fixing broken radios or implementing a public address system.

Maximizing Your Communications Capabilities

The two-way radio systems provided by GCS can include a variety of communications tools to keep your casino operating at its best.

Your casino can truly seem tucked away from the rest of the world. Sometimes it’s hard to feel aware of when dangerous weather is in your area. GCS can help erase those concerns by implementing radios with emergency weather alerts.

With NOAA Weather Radio SAME alerts, you can quickly respond during natural disasters such as tornadoes and flooding. You can even get public safety alerts like 911 outages.

For casinos that need the capability to make facility-wide announcements, GCS can implement a public address system or connect your new walkie talkies to an existing PA setup.

This makes it possible for quick and convenient calls to your entire casino. PA’s can be used for everything from locating employees to announcing closing times.


Don’t Take a Gamble on Casino Security

Running a casino and resort is no easy task. Increasing and improving your communications strategy can greatly enhance your security and employee coordination.

Keep the dice rolling and cards flipping with easy handheld two-way radios.

Call GCS to discuss your facility and how our team can help.