Two-Way Radios for Convention Centers in Virginia and North Carolina

Communications System Installations, Procurement and Repairs

Walkie Talkies that Can Work a Crowd

When events kickoff, your convention center is suddenly teeming with people. Guests, vendors, staff and more all deserve a stress-free and seamless experience at your event space.

If you want to discreetly respond to emergencies, keep your entire staff in constant communication and improve operations – look no further than state-of-the-art two-way radios.

Your radios can’t just be any old model or brand. Convention centers are massive and loud spaces. For optimal performance you’ll need a walkie talkie with long-range capabilities, sufficient battery life, clear sound quality and helpful accessories.

GCS goes beyond the conventional approach for two-way radios. Our team works to find you the perfect walkies, repeaters and ear pieces for your facility. You won’t have to worry about attempting a DIY installation or repair.


Solutions to Limited Signal in Convention Centers

Many convention centers and large event spaces in North Carolina and Virginia are built using concrete and steel. These sturdy buildings often make getting a cellphone signal difficult or even impossible.

Two-way radios eliminate and alleviate these concerns. You can create a network of radios and accessories across your facility for more reliable communications.

Your staff members will never have to worry about memorizing schedules or saving phone numbers for coworkers. You can easily switch up teams and tasks with one simple push-to-call tool. Give us a call to get your two-way radios today.

Explore the Possibilities of Two-Way Radios

Your convention center is capable of hosting all kinds of events. Whether you’re planning a political rally, trade show, performance or conference – walkie talkies make communication easier at your venue.

Use your two-way radios to:

  • Respond to emergencies quickly
  • Handle incidents that increase liability
  • Locate employees
  • Reunite separated event attendees
  • Communicate indoors and outdoors
  • Direct parking
  • Safeguard everyone in the convention center
  • Make emergency announcements
  • Organize audio and visual systems
  • Manage seating and crowds
  • Request help for guests
  • Improve security efforts
  • Streamline food service
  • Get in touch with vendors

Extensive Two-Way Radio Services in Virginia and North Carolina

Convention centers are loud, large and busy. You need a radio with excellent speakers, expansive range and accessories that promote privacy.

GCS can find you powerful two-way radios that are perfectly suited to your facility. Our team will also help match your walkie talkies with earpieces, mics, remote speakers, charging stations and more.

Instead of having to do the research and shopping online, GCS simplifies the process by putting our expertise to work. Our team provides the radios and tools along with any necessary installations and training. Down the line, GCS can help you make any needed updates or adjustments to your two-way radio system.

Your convention center configurations can include:

  • Single building
  • Multiple buildings
  • Multiple sites
  • Transportation systems

Amplify Your Communications Capabilities with GCS

Running a convention center requires intense long term planning and responsive on-the-fly collaboration skills. Give yourself the right tools to pull off every event with ease.

GCS works to help your Virginia or North Carolina facility find the best two-way radios for your convention center.

Contact us today to start building your new communications system.