Two-Way Radios for the Entertainment Industry and Event Spaces in VA and NC

Radios that Work Hard Behind the Scenes

If you’ve ever organized a concert or set up a play, you know there is nothing simple about it. When it comes to the behind-the-scenes work, a one-man show isn’t going to cut it.

You can organize helpers, countdown to shows and make the “ready, set, action” call with the right communications tools. Two-way radios set successful businesses apart in the entertainment industry. By using walkie talkies, repeaters and more, you can keep employees in the loop and always improve upon customer experience.

Don’t worry about losing signal during packed concerts or disrupting a dramatic play with the right two-way radios for your crew members.

GCS can help you find repeaters for large venues, earpieces for private conversations and microphones for easy calls. Our team creates a two-way radio system unique to your space and can keep up with your radio maintenance in Virginia and North Carolina.

How to Utilize Two-Way Radios in the Entertainment Industry

Two-way radios make it possible for staff to connect whenever needed. Your walkie talkies can increase productivity by cutting down on communications time and improve responses during an emergency. Here are some ways two-way radios can help your team:

  • Communicate across buildings
  • Long-range communications for outdoor areas
  • Seamlessly reach radios indoors and outdoors
  • Easily direct parking at events
  • Safeguard employees and guests
  • Coordinate audio and visual systems
  • Quickly announce emergencies
  • Manage seating and crowds
  • Request help for guests
  • Improve security efforts
  • Simplify food service

Multi-Purpose Walkie Talkies to Match Any Industry Need

Everyone seeks out entertainment in different ways. That’s why this industry never fits in just one mold. You could run a movie theater, manage a stage, supervise a sound studio or more.

Two-way radios can be scaled for your local civic center or massive amphitheaters and coliseums.

GCS has seen two-way radios improve daily operations at businesses such as:

  • Concert Venues
  • Coliseums
  • Amphitheater
  • Playhouses and Theaters
  • Civic Centers
  • Movie Theaters
  • Multi-Purpose Event Spaces
  • Recording Studios
  • Television Studios
  • Dance Studios
  • Radio Stations
  • Comedy Clubs
  • Festivals

It doesn’t have to stop at performance though. Museums and zoos are especially reliant on two-way radio systems to ensure their programming runs smoothly.

Large facilities and bustling crowds make cell phone connection and communications increasingly difficult. That’s why GCS provides easy-to-use and reliable two-way radios.

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Mobile and Dependable Two-Way Radios for Your Entertainment Business

Workers in the entertainment industry are constantly on their feet. There’s heavy lifting to be done, big areas to cover, loud noises to work through and many staff handling different jobs. With all of this moving around and a high variety of tasks, you need walkie talkies that can do it all.

Get the portable size communications tools that you need without sacrificing range and battery life. Our team specializes in helping businesses find the right two-way radio options for them. We don’t sell sub-par radio options, instead we specifically fit and tailor a system to your operations.

A business-specific approach ensures you aren’t paying for extra equipment or missing the essentials.

Radio systems are extremely adjustable and customizable. GCS can provide the following configurations for entertainment businesses:

  • Single building
  • Multiple buildings
  • Multiple sites
  • Transportation systems

In order to tailor radios to your entertainment business, GCS considers factors such as battery life and range. You can get systems with backup batteries and incredibly convenient chargers to ensure battery life is never an issue when used properly.

Range concerns can be easily addressed with repeaters that let you extend your communications farther than ever before.

Expand your system even more with two-way radio accessories such as headsets, microphones and earpieces.

Supply High-Performance Radios for Virginia and North Carolina

The entertainment industry is never boring, and you’ll always have plenty to talk about. There’s no better way to communicate across your facility than with two-way radios. GCS will match you with the perfect walkie talkies and supporting technology to help your daily tasks go smoother.

Call us today to get the right radios for you.