Two-Way Radios for Golf Courses in Virginia and North Carolina

Improving Communications and Operations On and Off the Green

Running a golf course or country club is no small task. Excellent communication is key to ensuring players have a great game, the course is in perfect shape and everyday tasks run smoothly.

The best way to reach staff members regardless of if they’re in the pro shop or on the 9th hole is using a high-quality two-way radio system. Give your team reliable handheld communications devices that have the range, battery life and durability for a full day out on the golf course.

GCS specializes in pairing businesses with their perfect two-way radio system. You can focus on your daily tasks while our team installs your system and trains your crew on how to use it. As your business grows or equipment gets damaged, GCS will handle upgrades and repairs.

Walkie Talkies and Tools for Your Golf Course Superintendents and Crew

You can make every day easier for your golf course superintendent with two-way radios that connect to additional communications equipment.

GCS can program your walkie talkies to remotely activate your sprinklers using Rain Bird. As long as the radios have a keypad, you can easily turn sprinklers on and off to keep your grass perfect year-round.

Your entire crew can use radios to easily coordinate tasks, make alerts from across your course, improve customer service and increase security. If your course includes a restaurant, your staff can even use walkie talkies to make food service easier and more efficient.

The walkie talkies you choose can use any of following equipment technologies:

  • Analog
  • Digital
  • Trunked Systems
  • Conventional Repeaters

Two-way radio systems can be expanded to include the following features:

Our team will create a network of two-way radios and additional devices that makes it possible for your entire staff to have better communications.


Improve Golfer Experience with Your Two-Way Radio System

Your new communications tools can help give golfers the best experience possible by inputting radio call boxes. From these boxes stationed around the golf course players can place food and drink orders with ease.

GCS works with Ritron to provide clients with wireless food ordering on the golf course.

You can place the box at tees with a backlog or spots where the wait times for food and beverages is the longest. Help quickly improve your sales and keep golfers coming back with these easy to install call boxes.

Our team can also place call buttons in different spaces to alert staff when a golfer needs help. Quick assist buttons work great in the locker room, at bag drop or even on the course.

Handheld Devices Designed for All-Day Outdoor Use

Not every walkie talkie is suitable for the wear and tear that comes with golf course work. GCS can ensure your radios survive falls from golf carts, handle sprinkler spray and maintain battery life all day.

There are plenty of durable, water resistant or waterproof two-way radio options for your business to choose from.

In addition to ruggedness, you need a battery that will last. GCS will help you find batteries that don’t run out even on long summer days or through the biggest golf tournaments of the year.

One of the most important things to consider when looking to buy two-way radios is the range. You’re working in a large space and not everyone will have wifi or the right cell phone numbers to maintain consistent communications. GCS can find you the perfect long range solution and help you choose signal repeaters for faraway places on the golf course.


Your Hole-In-One Communications Solutions

Handheld radios are the industry standard for golf courses. GCS can take you beyond the box store solutions with a customized two-way radio system that makes tasks easier for your employees and improves golf experience. 

Make customer service seamless and keep up with your course maintenance with consistent and reliable walkie talkie conversations. Our team will find the radios and additional equipment you need, install it quickly and keep it serviced for years to come.

Don’t whiff away your chance to improve your golf course operations, GCS can help you quickly get on track to a more efficient workflow.

Call us today to discuss your course and find your tailored communications system.