Two-Way Radio Services for Hotels

Serving Virginia and North Carolina

Manage Your Hotel With Effective Communications Tools

Running a hotel means multi-tasking 24/7. There are always rooms to turn over, customers to serve, meals to prepare, spaces to clean and calls to answer.

Most hotels have a large staff that divide up all of these tasks. Between the front desk, managers, housekeeping, maintenance, concierge, parking, food service and other staff – it’s hard to keep everyone on the same page.

That’s where two-way radios come in. These portable tools make it easy for your workers to clock in, grab their radio and quickly become tuned in to the needs of the hotel and guests.

Your team can effectively communicate without workers needing to know who is working what shift or where someone is located.

GCS can help your hotel find the perfect walkie talkie brand, additional devices and system setup.

Walkies Talkies Perfect for Your Hotel, Motel, B&B and More

Whether you’re running a location for a large hotel chain or starting your own bed and breakfast business – there is a two-way radio solution for you.

You can choose from radios that work indoors, outdoors, at long-ranges and hold a high battery life. The radios are durable enough for lawn care professionals and pool cleaners while remaining portable enough for your best-dressed management team.

Don’t worry about connectivity, GCS can ensure the radio system you choose reaches from the bottom floor to the penthouse suite.

GCS can install, service and repair hotel radio systems such as:

  • Analog
  • Digital
  • Conventional Repeaters
  • Trunked Systems

Improve Hotel Safety with Two-Way Radios

You want to ensure your guests are comfortable throughout their entire stay at your hotel. A big part of comfort is feeling safe and secure.

Two-way radios can be used to drastically improve your hotel security. You can quickly communicate with your employees during an emergency to coordinate staff positioning, bring in help and more.

Emergency Call Boxes

Emergency Call Boxes provide an increased sense of security for your hotel guests. You can place them in parking lots, garages, courtyards, hallways, outside of entrances and more. Your two-way radios will receive a notification immediately when the call box is used. From there you can communicate with the caller and provide them with the help they need.

Radio Installation and Repairs by Experts

The hospitality industry never stops. You don’t have the time to extensively research and compare two-way radio systems. Even once you have your supply of walkie talkies there are installations and accessory choices to worry about.

GCS has an experienced team that can help you find the exact two-way radio setup your hotel needs. If your hotel expands or your staff grows, GCS can help you with upgrades, repairs and additional radio purchases.

Your radio system will be customized specifically for your facility. You can choose from radios and systems designed for single sites, multi-location sites and vehicles.

Our team inputs and repairs commercial two-way radio systems for businesses in Danville, Martinsville, Greensboro, Winston-Salem, Burlington and all across Southern Virginia and northern regions of North Carolina.


Enhance Hotel Operations With Walkie Talkies

If you want easier, more portable and more reliable communications for your hotel staff – look no further than two-way radios from GCS. Use them everywhere from the basement to the rooftop and every room and amenity in-between.

Call GCS today to learn more about finding your perfect two-way radio system.