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Do your employees need a better, more efficient way to communicate across campus? You can’t expect every member of your operations team to swap cell phone numbers or have access to a landline.

College campuses can range from a few buildings to multiple square miles of student dorms, classrooms, dining halls and more.

Increasing communications capabilities makes it easier to protect your students, run programs, coordinate traffic, care for the grounds and more.

Depending on the size of your university, it can take thousands of people to run it smoothly. Handling communications within departments and across facilities requires high-powered and easy-to-use devices.

Expertly selected walkie talkies take your campus from old-school to high tech. GCS works to find the best two-way radios for your college, makes all your installations and will even come back for repairs and upgrades.


Versatile Handheld Two-Way Radios Available in North Carolina and Virginia

A community college, small liberal arts school and massive public university will all have different walkie talkie requirements.

GCS works to identify your unique specifications and find the radios that best serve your staff. You’ll find the best possible communications solutions by getting exactly the tools you need.

Where are you going to use your walkie talkies? You can select radios built for indoor, outdoor or combined use.

What are your two-way radio technology needs? You can choose from equipment including analog systems, digital tools, conventional repeaters and trunked systems.

How long will each radio be away from the charger? You can find radios with extra-long battery life, easy charging capabilities and replaceable batteries.

What kind of range will you need? You can get walkie talkies configured for single buildings, entire campuses, large sporting facilities, multiple sites and transportation systems.

Do you need more than a standard walkie talkie? You can take your campus communications to the next level with accessories and add-ons such as alert systems, emergency call boxes, 911 connection and public address systems.

Get Top-of-Class Radios

911 Connection for College Campuses

When something leaks in a chemistry lab, a microwave catches fire in the dorms, students crash in the parking garage or someone needs medical assistance – what is the fastest way to call 911?

You can seamlessly connect your two-way radio system to the nearest 911 center for quick and efficient calls.

This helps ensure your whole staff can have 911 access without carrying multiple devices. GCS will help you find radios that can make all the difference in your college’s emergency response capabilities.


Dependable Weather Alerting Systems

Get NOAA Weather Radio SAME weather alerts directly on your college’s reliable two-way radio to significantly cut down your time spent reacting to severe weather alerts.

When a tornado strikes, you only get your alert an average of 15 minutes beforehand.

Get everyone to a safe place faster with an alerting system used on campuses like yours around the country.


Public Address Systems for Colleges and Universities

Do you have a large building that could benefit from a PA system? Maybe you need to make announcements to professors in academic buildings or let students know the library is about to close.

Two-way radios make those calls easier than ever before. You simply switch the channel on your walkie talkie and make the all-call from the palm of your hand.

GCS will find the exact radios you need to streamline your communications.


Emergency Call Boxes to Protect Your Students

With hundreds or thousands of young people on a college campus, it’s the administration’s responsibility to keep them safe.

One of the main concerns parents and prospective students have is safety when considering a college. Show them your dedication to protection with emergency call boxes that extend your security plan to everyone.

The boxes send a direct notification to two-way radios where your staff can then communicate with the person who needs help and send assistance to the area.

Add Better Communications to Your Syllabus this Semester

Building a two-way radio system that works for your school allows you to improve operations, security and service.

Ready to find walkie-talkies and accessories specially tailored to your college? GCS has the equipment and knowledge to majorly improve your communications on campus.

Contact us to keep your campus safe and efficient with two-way radio systems in Virginia and North Carolina.

Give our team a call today to improve your college or university’s communications system. 

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