Two Way Radio Solutions for Hospitals & Nursing Homes

Improve Security and Emergency Response with Two Way Radios

In hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, clinics and urgent care centers, reliable communications can mean the difference between life and death.

Clear and Secure portable two-way radios bring your team closer together and allow you to respond quickly to the task at hand.


Hospital Two Way Radios

Healthcare staff require clear and secure communications no matter the facility size or scope. An effective two-way radio system must have excellent coverage, reliable equipment, and a complete needs assessment.

Does your current hospital communications solution live up to your needs of a pandemic? If the answer is no, give us a call.

Some examples of two-way radio system configurations for the healthcare industry are:

  • Single Building
  • Entire Campus
  • Multi-Site Hospitals with outlying professional offices
  • Emergency Rooms

Equipment and Technologies used  in Healthcare Systems:

  • Analog (typically older, legacy systems)
  • Digital (DMR or NXDN)
  • Conventional Repeaters for Seamless Basic Coverage
  • Trunked Systems for Advanced Enterprise Features

Facility Alerts & Weather Safety

Did you know you could get NOAA Weather Radio SAME weather alerts directly on your portable two-way radio and dramatically reduce your reaction times to severe weather alerts. An average tornado warning is only 15 minutes. Will that “cheap” weather radio you have in the office work? Will 15 minutes be enough time? We can show you a better way to get it done.


Mass Notification Systems

When you need a reliable wireless mass notification system to deliver critical messages throughout your facility from your two-way radio, we can help you pinpoint the most efficient and affordable option. Whether you want to enhance your current system or install a whole new solution, we can provide the most effective system to broadcast emergency alerts or important messages – even during power outages.

Emergency Call Boxes

Emergency Call Boxes provide peace of mind for everyone who sees them. They provide a vital connection when help is needed. GCS can provide a solution that will integrate with your current radio system.


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