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Two-Way Radio Solutions for Manufacturing, Distribution, & Industrial Facilities

Improve Your Facility’s Efficiency with Two-Way Radios

Digital two-way radios are the key to better productivity and safety on industrial plant floors and distribution centers. Commercial walkie-talkies coordinate your staff inside and outside your warehouse building for efficient communication.



  • Digital two-way radio upgrades for warehouses in Virginia and North Carolina
  • Multi-channel trunked systems for higher capacity and expansion
  • Two-way radio repeater additions for facility-wide seamless service
  • Analog support for legacy systems

Contact us for two-way radio service and sales around Danville, Martinsville, Greensboro, Winston-Salem, Burlington and all across Southern Virginia and Northern North Carolina.


Commercial Two Way Radio System Service & Repair

Poor coverage or too few channels can often get in the way of coordinating your team in your plant. Let’s talk about your options to not just solve these problems but to also upgrade for better functionality.

GCS services commercial two way radio systems for warehouses and distribution centers in Danville, Martinsville, Greensboro, Winston-Salem, Burlington and all across Southern Virginia and Northern North Carolina.


Commercial Wireless Communication Installations & Upgrades

You may need a couple of portable two-way radios to connect your sales and service departments or hundreds of radios to improve plant communications.

We find the model and configuration that will fit your needs and budget.

Improve Facility Alerts & Safety with Warehouse Radio Systems

Upgrading your analog two-way radio to a wireless communication system can bring night and day benefits to your warehouse facility or distribution center.

  • Need updates from your PLC on your radio? Done.
  • Need to contact EVERYONE on EVERY channel at the same time? Done.

More than ever, there are more things your digital radio can do. Our radio communication technicians not only repair and service your current system, they talk with you about getting the most out of your warehouse radio system.

Did you know we can integrate your two-way radio system into the building PA?

How do you currently access your building PA system? Do you have to go back to a phone and call the PA system?

We can integrate your walkie talkies to the PA system for easier communication. Bring more functionality into the palm of your hand.


Whatever You Need to Outfit Your Warehouse Radio System

Not every mobile radio can be an out-of-the-box solution. Our knowledgeable sales staff are experienced and equipped to create custom setups that are easier and more functional for your warehouse, distribution center or industrial facility.

Call GCS today to get the communication solutions your business needs.

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