Security Solutions for Schools in Guilford County, North Carolina

Schools across the country are working to broaden the security efforts used to keep their teachers and students safe. The classroom, school bus, cafeteria and gymnasium are all intended to be secure spaces where kids can learn, grow and play.

Safety solutions such as locks and window shades can be helpful but a piece of school safety plans that is often forgotten is communications. School after-action reports show that many districts lack the tools and process needed to quickly communicate during an incident.

Implementing an effective two-way radio system into your school buildings can make all the difference when people inside of the building need help.

Walkie talkies, alert systems, public address (PA) systems and emergency call boxes can all increase security and optimize daily operations.

You no longer need to worry about sharing cell phone numbers or memorizing classroom phone numbers when your staff has easy and portable two-way radios. You can increase access to PA systems, cut down on time wasted during weather emergencies and quickly reach your entire campus.

GCS doesn’t just sell walkie talkies. Our team also works with you to install a fully-integrated two-way communications system.


Communications Tools for your Entire School

Even when educators are having fun, they’re working hard. That’s why your school needs a two-way radio system durable enough for gym classes, sporting events, school assemblies and lunch time.

These are some of the key users of two-way radios across every school district:

  • Administrators
  • Custodial Staff
  • Dismissal Team
  • Security Team
  • Athletics
  • Teachers

Your staff can use walkie talkies and all of the related features to coordinate:

  • Campus Security
  • Fire Drills
  • Car Rides
  • Field Trips
  • Incident Response
  • Stranger on Campus Alerts

Portable Two-Way Radios for Guilford County Schools

Our team has worked with schools across North Carolina and Virginia for years. GCS knows that educators need clear and secure communications regardless of the facility size and scope. Even just a few new walkie talkies can improve day-to-day logistics and incident responses.

Your school deserves the most reliable and easy-to-use radios. If your current two-way radio setup isn’t meeting your scope, coverage, battery life or compatibility needs then we can help.

GCS Electronics & Communications is an approved vendor with Guilford County Schools. In addition, we offer a special pricing structure to all schools in the district. These attributes makes purchasing radios an easy process to ensure that you are able to get the two-way radio equipment you need quickly and economically.

Some examples of two-way radio system configurations for schools are:

  • Single Building
  • Entire Campus
  • Multi-Site Community Colleges
  • School Bus Transportation Systems

Multiple types of equipment and technologies are used in education systems, such as:

  • Analog (typically older, legacy systems)
  • Digital (DMR or NXDN)
  • Conventional Repeaters for seamless, reliable coverage
  • Trunked Systems for advanced features such as “All-Call”

We go beyond just selling two-way radios by providing on-site needs assessments at no charge to help you install a system customized to fit your school.

You can build on your current system, replace worn-out walkie talkies, add new features or start from scratch.


911 Connections for Walkie Talkies

Incidents such as allergy attacks, security breaches, kitchen fires and tornado warnings are unpredictable. You always hope you’ll never have to call 911, but if something is wrong you need a way to get help.

GCS connects two-way radios to 911 dispatchers in order to help your Guilford County school swiftly and easily connect with public safety officials.

By using state-of-the-art walkie talkies, you can quickly coordinate your emergency response with dispatchers, school resource officers and administrators.

Weather Alert Systems for Schools

Did you know that most tornado warnings are made just 15 minutes before the storm reaches your location? With that short timeframe, it is imperative to get as many notifications as possible in case cell phone coverage has been disrupted from the approaching storm.

The best way to quickly inform your entire staff of a weather emergency is with NOAA Weather Radio SAME alerts that come directly to your two-way radios. GCS can help your school district significantly cut down reaction times during severe weather alerts to keep your school safe.


School Building Public Address Systems

PA systems get used every day in school buildings. Whether it’s for an early dismissal, schoolwide announcements or a weather alert, your school probably relies heavily on its PA system.

By improving your daily communications, you can also improve your emergency communications. Your same devices that increase the efficiency of your operations can also make all the difference in severe situations..

GCS can help you link your two-way radios to your PA system making it super easy to access. Our team can also implement automated lockdown messages to protect your school.

Emergency Call Boxes for Educational Facilities in Guilford County

Not everyone using your school building will have their own two-way radio. But during an emergency, a student or staff member may need to contact an administrator or security team member.

GCS installs Emergency Call Boxes at schools to help increase safety and peace of mind. These boxes have a simple button for people to push and it puts them in contact with the other users of your two-way radio system.

The box makes internal calls only and not to 911. But with a two-way radio system that has 911 connection, you are one step closer to getting help during an incident.

Our team can set up one or more boxes in easy-to-reach places on your school’s campus for added protection.


Secure Your School Today with Two-Way Radios

Every school building is unique in the way it operates. GCS takes the time to get to know your needs and set you up with the best system possible.

You deserve more than just low-end walkie talkies from an online store. Our knowledgeable staff can help you create a customized setup that’s easy to use that can safeguard your school.

Call GCS today to start securing your staff and students.

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