Two-Way Radio Systems for Schools, Colleges and Universities in Greensboro, NC

Protecting Greensboro’s Future

For faculty and staff, two-way radio systems keep schools and universities safe. Whether you need to communicate during a fire alarm, alert the staff of suspicious activity, or stay connected during a field trip, clear and reliable communication is key.

Your school needs the best in two-radio systems for a variety of situations. But you also need to consider installation costs, initial equipment costs, and the price of training your staff. Communication is important, but you can’t rely on cheap products handled by inexperienced staff.

GCS Electronics and Communications (GCS) specializes in two-way radio system services for education facilities in Greensboro, NC. You’ll work directly with our experts to find the right combination of equipment to solve your communication issues. All the while, we’ll help fit your solution into your budget and existing process.


Two-Way Radios Keep Your Students and Faculty Safe

Everyone has a cell phone or smartphone these days, especially young people in schools. While we use them to talk and text with our family, friends and coworkers, they aren’t always reliable.

Not only can these technologies fail, but people can panic during an emergency situation. During these high-stress scenarios, mistakes are bound to happen. This is especially true if a person has to operate complicated equipment in order to communicate.

Two-way radios are specifically designed to keep individuals in contact during daily life and emergency situations. Using radio waves that connect to each radio unit individually, they rely on their own frequency to maintain communication.

Cell phones and landline phones require a cell tower or physical line to connect to a network of units. Two-way radios only require a stable connection between the receiving units. This means you can keep your communication open even when phone lines are down or you have bad cell reception.

School safety has become a hot-button topic in recent years, with emergency drills for dangerous fires and school shootings becoming more common. Two-way radios provide an accessible and reliable solution to improve communications during a critical emergency.

Two-Way Radio Systems Designed for Schools and Universities in Greensboro, NC

Whether you’re working with a small elementary school or managing security for a university, two-way radio systems can provide superior communication solutions.

There are many pieces of equipment that schools can use between their faculty to ensure information is passed clearly and reliably. Many of these systems work together, creating a synergistic connection between your two-way radio equipment.

These education two-way radio systems include:


Your faculty and staff require clear and secure communication in order to keep your school running smoothly and your students safe.

Without effective portable radios connecting you across your campus, you could be putting your school at risk. We offer two-way radio configurations such as:

  • Single Building
  • Entire Campus
  • Multi-Site Community Colleges
  • School Bus Transportation Systems
Portable Radios

Severe weather can strike at any time. For Greensboro, NC schools, that means you have to be on the lookout for dangerous thunderstorms, hurricanes and flooding. By partnering with NOAA Weather Radio SAME and connecting their weather alerts to your portable radios, you can ensure your staff will be ready for any severe weather event.

Alerting Systems

Your school’s PA system helps communicate important messages across your campus. But in the event of an emergency, you still have to go back to your phone to make the call.

With two-way radio systems, you can integrate your portable radios with your current PA system. Now you can make an announcement wherever you are on the premises.

Public Address System

Open communication isn’t just about talking through portable radios, it’s about giving everyone the ability to clearly communicate through reliable means.

With emergency call boxes installed throughout your building and campus, you can give students the ability to alert your security staff of dangers. With reliable communication comes faster response times, leading to more peace of mind for your school or university.

Emergency Call Boxes

Communication Professionals Meeting Your Professional Needs

For Greensboro professionals, GCS is their #1 partner in solving communication problems with two-way radio solutions. For almost 30 years, we’ve provided our community with efficient, reliable and safe communication options.

When you work with our professional team, you’re working directly with industry experts who are skilled in a wide variety of two-way radio systems. Because of this vast experience, you’ll have a solution designed to fit your specific needs.

All schools are different, not only in the age groups they teach but in their building size, security standards and budget. You don’t need a system that offers too many features at a high price. You need a solution that is affordable, specific and convenient.

We work with you to design and install your two-way radio system, helping you find the right equipment, placing it where you need it, and training your staff on how to best utilize it. When it comes time to scale and grow your school, we’ll be there with a new, more refined solution. We’re your long-term two-way radio partners.

Above all else, we care about our Greensboro community. Our children deserve the best education possible in a safe and comfortable environment. With strong and reliable communication channels, we can protect our future leaders.


Trusted Partners Improving Two-Way Radio Services

GCSEAC would be nothing without its partners. We put our trust in their products and services to ensure you receive the two-way radio equipment possible. Our premier partners include:

Improve Your School’s Security

In an emergency situation, your faculty need reliable communication they can easily use under pressure. They need a two-way radio system.

When your school or university needs reliable two-way radio communications in Greensboro, NC, you need the local leaders in two-way radio services. GCS provides personalized communication solutions for educators and students alike.

With coverage in Greensboro, Winston-Salem and Burlington, your one phone call away from exceptional customer service and reliable communication solutions.

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