Two-Way Radios for Daycare Centers in Virginia and North Carolina

Walkie Talkies for Safer and More Efficient Childcare

Monitoring young children is no small task. Daycare centers are responsible for keeping kids safe, educated and entertained..

Looking after children takes a village and daycare is no exception. You need a well-coordinated team to keep each day going smoothly.

A key piece of efficient daycare is reliable communication throughout the day. Children can’t be left unattended, which means when a staff member needs help they aren’t able to step away and get help. Instead they need a quick push-to-talk solution.

Two-way radios make it possible to quickly contact your entire team, hold important discussions on private channels and safely coordinate an emergency response. GCS works with daycares across Virginia and North Carolina to procure, install and service two-way radios. You’ll be provided with expert radio recommendations tailored to your budget and needs.


Why are Two-Way Radios Right for a Daycare Facility?

Similar to how schools and churches rely on two-way radios, these tools can improve daily and emergency operations at a daycare.

Become more organized by giving each childcare professional at your facility the ability to connect by walkie talkie.

With the right radios, your daycare can:

  • Improve communication speeds
  • Make a call to your entire team
  • Connect to a public address system
  • Streamline drop offs and pickups
  • Coordinate meals more easily
  • Monitor safety during playtime indoors and outdoors
  • Allow for continued communications during outings
  • Safely secure your building

How Walkie Talkies Outperform Other Tools

Compared to a cell phone or out-of-the-box radio, industry-leading two-way radios are better equipped for all of your daycare operations.

Your team can easily communicate from room to room regardless of who’s working that day. GCS even helps you find radios that work indoors and outdoors and at longer ranges.

There are a wide range of options when it comes to finding the best battery life and type for your business.

GCS makes the entire two-way radio process simple by recommending radios for your daycare, purchasing them, installing your system, providing any needed training and offering future servicing.

Some examples of two-way radio system configurations for daycare and childcare are:

  • Single Building
  • Entire Campus
  • Multi-Site Community Colleges
  • School Bus Transportation Systems

Equipment and Technologies used in childcare systems:

  • Analog (typically older, legacy systems)
  • Digital (DMR or NXDN)
  • Conventional Repeaters for seamless, reliable coverage
  • Trunked Systems for advanced features such as “All-Call”

Building Up Your Daycare Two-Way Radio System

Your two-way radio system doesn’t have to only include walkie talkies. Depending on the size and scope of your facility, GCS helps you find additional tools designed to keep kids and staff members safe.

Contact us for safety-focused systems including:

  • Alerting Systems – Get NOAA Weather Radio SAME weather alerts to your radios
  • Public Address Systems – Quickly make the “all call” at your daycare facility
  • Emergency Call Boxes – Receive direct communication to your radios from anyone who pushes the call box button

Elevate Your Daycare Safety in Virginia and North Carolina

Transform the way your childcare facility communicates, organizes daily activities and responds during emergencies. Walkie talkies ensure connection with your team is always one button away.

With such reliable communications in the palm of your hand, your daycare can run safer and smoother than ever before. Contact GCS today to get the best walkie talkies and accessories for your facility.


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