Two-Way Radios for Theme Parks in Virginia and North Carolina

Keep the fun going with efficient communications

Walkie Talkies for Amusement Parks, Water Parks, Go-Kart Tracks and More

You’re in the business of fun. But you also understand that fun isn’t possible without coordination and efficiency.

Whether you’re sending go-karts down the track, letting the next kid fly down the waterslide or giving clues in an escape room – you need to communicate among team members.

Walkie talkies make it possible to easily call other employees, make park-wide announcements and keep operations running smoothly.

GCS works with theme parks and entertainment businesses in VA and NC to match your team with the best two-way radio system and accessories possible.


Versatile and Reliable Commercial Two-Way Radios

Cell phones and smart watches make personal communications easier than ever, but when it comes to the workplace your needs become more complicated.

You can’t expect your amusement park employees to always have access to phones, know exactly who’s working or share personal phone numbers across the company. When someone new clocks in they need a way to become immediately looped into communications.

Two-way radios are user-ready. As soon as you lift the radio off the charger you are connected to your entire network. Keep that connection going without interruption by choosing commercial radios with the following key features:

  • Long battery life
  • Excellent range
  • Outdoor capabilities
  • Waterproof exteriors

Radio Installations and Repairs in Virginia and North Carolina

You already have a lot on your plate and taking on the shopping, installation and maintenance of a two-way radio system is often too much to take on alone.

On top of that, it takes extensive research and planning to properly implement a commercial radio system.

GCS handles all of your walkie talkie needs while your team focuses on providing non-stop fun to your patrons.

Our two-way radio experts can install, service and repair systems such as:

  • Analog
  • Digital
  • Conventional Repeaters
  • Trunked Systems

GCS will find the best radios for your theme park, return for repairs and help you make upgrades. Lifetime services are available for:

  • Martinsville, VA
  • Danville, VA
  • Greensboro, NC
  • Winston-Salem, NC
  • Burlington, NC
  • And all across Southern Virginia and Northern North Carolina

Two-Way Radio Additions and Accessories for Theme Parks

The first step for improving your park communications is adding walkie talkies. GCS has the capability to help you even further with add-ons for your two-way radio system.

Large theme parks with spread-out attractions should consider the addition of call boxes. These allow patrons to press a button during an emergency and be immediately connected to your two-way radio system. From there your staff can locate them and provide help.

Another great tool for large fun parks and fairgrounds is a Public Announcement (PA) system. Make exciting updates like show times, keep patrons informed before closing or quickly make announcements during an emergency.

Are all of your attractions outdoors? Rain, wind and storms can quickly shut down rollercoasters, mini-golf, go-karts, outdoor games and more. GCS can make sure your radios have NOAA Weather Radio SAME alerts to keep your entire crew aware of incoming storms.


Take the Fast Pass to Better Theme Park Communications  

Whether you run a small putt-putt course, a massive water park or a spread-out zip line adventure facility – GCS can help. 

Keep up security and operations while your guests have the best day ever. Call GCS today to improve your commercial two-way radio system.