Durable Two-Way Radio Solutions for Healthcare Facilities in Winston-Salem, NC

Keep Your Staff Connected, Keep Saving Lives

Winston-Salem healthcare facilities see thousands of visitors every day. From elderly residences living in nursing homes to emergency room patients in critical condition, they all need quick and expert care from your healthcare providers.

Throughout your long shifts, your staff requires instant and reliable communication. At a moment’s notice, your doctors, nurses and security team need to efficiently coordinate. Without an effective solution, you could hurt your facility’s ability to administer care.

Complicated communication equipment and systems can hurt your clinic’s effectiveness. Along with uneven ranges and faulty technology, your staff’s morale and facility reputation can be seriously hurt.

Keep your Winston-Salem healthcare operation connected through GCS Electronics and Communications two-way radio solutions.

You’ll work with our experienced technicians to create a customized solution built for your specific needs. With full lifecycle support and high-quality standards, you can improve your facility’s coordination and care.


Meet Your Evolving Healthcare Needs

No matter your healthcare capacity, time is always of the essence.

Whether you’re a large healthcare complex, a specialty clinic or anything in between, your visitors rely on your staff to stay connected and aware.

The wrong communication solution could be devastating. Your staff can’t afford to mishear a message, wait for a mobile device to charge or discuss sensitive topics on an unsecured line. Without reliable equipment, your wait times can increase while your ability to serve visitors decreases.

Some facility managers might consider using cell phones and smart devices, but these devices offer unreliable solutions. Cell phones require a separate cell phone tower to operate, and in the event of a natural disaster or maintenance, you could be left with a broken signal.

Smartphones are commonplace, but they can be complicated to operate. In a stressful situation where you need to reach people quickly, user error can break lines of communication.

Your hospital needs a widespread solution that works for you 24x7x365, covering your entire facility and connecting your frontline and administrative workers through secure lines. You need two-way radios installed and maintained by GCS.

Two-way radio equipment provides reliable communication channels through simple designs, direct connections and long-lasting batteries. With the right coverage, equipment capacity and technology control, you can improve your healthcare facility’s operations.

Comprehensive Two-Way Radio Capabilities for Winston-Salem Hospitals

When you work with GCS’s experienced two-way radio technicians, you’ll receive a personalized service that finds the best solution for your healthcare facility’s communication needs.

Specializing in portable radios and radio command systems, our staff works with you to understand how your clinic operates. We consider your:

  • Facility size
  • Building design
  • Communication requirements
  • Budget
  • Staff pain points
  • Visitor priorities

With a complete understanding of your healthcare communication needs, our team can design the best solution unique to you. Through a mixture of reliable technology and logical placement, you can improve your clinic’s response time and boost employee morale.

We have the capability to provide system configurations for:

  • Single buildings
  • Complex multi-building operations
  • Emergency rooms
  • Campus-wide facilities
  • Specialty clinics
  • Nursing homes
  • Extended care

Specialized Two-Way Radio Equipment for Winston-Salem Healthcare Clinics

Your healthcare facility could benefit from more than portable radios. Modern communication technology is designed to provide instant communication and promote rapid response between your employees.

GCS specializes in installing and maintaining:

  • Portable Radios:
    • Your healthcare staff needs to be in consistent contact with each other. Whether you’re moving a patient, scheduling an appointment or relaying emergency information, you need reliable equipment. Using trusted direct signals, portable radios offer simply effective communication between one or more people at a moment’s notice. Our configurations include:
      • Analog (typically older, legacy systems)
      • Digital (DMR or NXDN)
      • Conventional Repeaters for Seamless Basic Coverage
      • Trunked Systems for Advanced Enterprise Features
  • Weather Alert System
    • Natural disasters and dangerous weather are unpredictable. That’s why your facility needs to be made aware ASAP. Without a proper warning, your patients could be in danger. By relying on NOAA Weather Radio SAME alerts sent directly to your portable radios, you can receive the latest warnings when you need them most.
  • Mass Notification Systems
    • In some emergency situations, you need to alert the entire building. Through mass notification systems, you can send vital information to all two-way radio equipment in your facility. These systems are designed to work during power outages, helping you coordinate with your staff to find the safest solution.
  • Emergency Call Boxes
    • When an individual is experiencing an emergency, they need a quick and easy way to alert your staff. With emergency call boxes connected to your two-way radio system, you can provide this effective solution while giving your patients peace of mind.

Experts in Healthcare Two-Way Radio Solutions

GCS Electronics and Communications has been serving Winston-Salem’s healthcare community for many years. We work hard to provide customized proactive two-way radio solutions that keep our local community safe.

Calling on decades of on-site experience, you’ll work with radio experts committed to finding the right solution for your situation. Every healthcare facility is unique, which is why we rely on your industry expertise to find the right combination of equipment that can form the backbone of your integrated healthcare communications.

You’ll have your turnkey two-way radio services thanks to our comprehensive capabilities. From portable radios and control systems to emergency boxes and alert systems, we ensure your staff has everything they need to stay connected 24x7x365.

Through detailed training and continued maintenance, we ensure your equipment remains durable and effective. Your frontline, administrative and security staff can stay connected throughout your facility.

Most of all, we care about the Winston-Salem community. By sticking with our local hospitals, nursing homes and clinics as they scale to serve those in need, we help to provide our community with the safety they deserve.


Trusted Partners Improving Two-Way Radio Services

GCS would be nothing without its partners. We put our trust in their products and services to ensure you receive the two-way radio equipment possible. Our premier partners include:

Save More Lives

In an emergency, your healthcare staff needs all the help they can get. When communication is broken due to a faulty connection or confusing technology, you could put someone’s life on the line.

Keep your staff informed and your patients safe through two-way radio systems implemented by the experts at GCS. Through customized solutions designed to scale with your changing needs, you can have the reliable communication technology you need at all times.

With coverage in Winston-Salem, Greensboro, and Burlington, we’re available to help whenever you need us. Contact us to upgrade your healthcare communication equipment.