Two-Way Radios for Fire Rescue and EMS in Virginia and North Carolina

Improve Your Fire and Rescue Process with Walkie Talkies

Firefighters, Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and other rescue squads go into each day uncertain of what incidents lay ahead. Whether it’s responding to a car crash, fire or another dangerous situation, you need your entire team informed each step of the way.

One gap in your line of communications could result in delayed or halted medical care and emergency support.

When it’s time to bring in help, give updates about patients or keep in touch while fighting a fire – your best bet is a durable and reliable two-way radio. These ultra-rugged tools can come with waterproof features, an extra-long battery, impressive ranges and increased safety features. The right radio streamlines emergency response and ensures your calls go through when it matters most.

Don’t rely on guesswork or overcrowded retailers to find the perfect two-way radio for your rescue squad. GCS has a team of two-way radio experts ready to help you select the right walkie talkies and accessories. This includes a selection of Project 25 compliant radios primed for government use.

Once you’re satisfied with a specific radio model, our crew travels to you in Virginia or North Carolina to handle the installation process and any training needs you may have.

Our reliable radio communication services have helped businesses and government entities across multiple states improve operations and efficiency. Contact us today to make the first step towards safer communications.


Portable and Customizable Walkie Talkies

Two-way radios allow your department to communicate without having to keep track of phone numbers and other people’s shifts. Your radio remains reliable 24/7, especially with a great battery life and easy recharging options.

Your walkie talkie doesn’t have to be bulky or have limited capabilities. GCS helps find your fire station or EMS department the most portable and convenient radios to fit your needs.

Some counties and cities rely on hundreds to thousands of radios to keep communications continuous. GCS scales our procurement, installations and services whether you’re safeguarding a small town or keeping a multi-county network.

Two-Way Radio Accessories Perfect for Dispatchers, Firefighters, Medical Professionals and More

In some circumstances your two-way radio is the perfect standalone solution to your communications shortcomings.

The public safety field relies heavily on accessible, clear and quick correspondence. Without it, emergencies could get overlooked and people in distress could be stuck waiting for help.

GCS helps you select and install the perfect tools for a well-rounded two-way radio system designed to serve your community.

Avtec Dispatch Consoles

Get the dispatch solution that integrates all your communication center needs under one easy-to-use platform.

What’s included:

  • Easy integration to the widest range of interfaces
    • Conventional and trunked two-way radios
    • Broadband Push-To-Talk
    • Telephony including 911 NENA Interfaces
    • AUX input/output, IP voice logging recorders
  • Redundant
  • Secure
  • Simplified upgrades with operational continuity
  • Fixed and mobile configurations

Radio GPS & Emergency Vehicle Tracking

GPS tracking is essential to public safety. Each firetruck, ambulance, SUV, car and truck in your fleet should include reliable GPS tracking. GCS has the tools and expertise to implement GPS coverage across your department, all the way down to each individual two-way radio. You’ll receive:

  • GPS Location for personnel down activations to easily locate firefighters and EMTs needing assistance
  • Asset tracking for the entire fleet to reduce dispatch times
  • Vehicle light integration for auditing and real time dispatcher overview
  • Available on portable and mobile radios
  • 911 / CAD GPS Integrations reduces hardware required in the 911 Center
  • On-Premise or Cloud provides maximum flexibility with minimal maintenance requirements

Find Two-Way Radios that Put Safety First

When someone in your community dials 911, the clock starts ticking. A reliable dispatch, long range two-way radios and consistent service options are key to keeping first responders in the know.

Call GCS today for system installation, maintenance and upgrades across Southwest Virginia and Northern North Carolina. Show your personnel and the public that fire and EMS are a top priority.