Two-Way Radios for Utilities Facilities

Communications Tools to Keep Utilities Operational and Productive

Utilities such as electricity, water and sewage are all necessary public services. Workers in these industries must strive to prevent issues and respond quickly to outages.

A key part of this is coordinating your response between different employees, locations and vehicles. Across the utilities field, two-way radios are used to communicate during repairs, increase daily productivity and ensure worker safety.

GCS provides digital two-way radio systems designed to solve unique problems and help keep private and public utilities operational.

Commercial Radio Systems for Utilities Facilities

Power and gas outages, water line breaks, sewage backups and trash delays can make people’s lives harder and cost utilities companies money. Effective communication can help keep issues to a minimum and allow you to focus on providing much needed services.

Digital two-way radios are the ideal communication tools for companies with multiple locations, frequent travel, long hours, numerous workers, tough working conditions and loud work environments.

GCS has two-way radio options with long-lasting batteries, helpful accessories, extended range and multiple channels to help make tasks easy and emergencies manageable.

The responsibility of utility services varies greatly. GCS can provide two-way radios for use in fields such as:

  • Electricity
  • Natural gas
  • Water
  • Sewage
  • Oil
  • Trash
  • Recycling

Installations, Repairs and Upgrades for Two-Way Radios in Virginia and North Carolina

Your company or public utility might want a few easily portable radios or you may need hundreds to improve communications across plants and service areas. GCS can install the system that best fits your budget and priorities.

As time goes on, you may need additional two-way radios or more services. You can rely on GCS to provide those upgrades.

The utilities industry is a tough one, many workers are spending time outdoors, in wet environments or high up in the air. This means even the most rugged two-way radio systems have the potential to need repairs.

GCS can service commercial two-way radio systems for utilities facilities in Danville, Martinsville, Greensboro, Winston-Salem, Burlington and all across Southern Virginia and northern regions of North Carolina.

The following equipment and technologies are regularly used by utilities providers:

  • Analog
  • Digital
  • Conventional Repeaters
  • Trunked Systems

You won’t be alone when determining what best suits your facilities, staff and responsibilities. GCS will walk through options in multiple price ranges and give expert advice on how two-way radios can be useful.

There are radio options for single sites, multi-location sites and vehicles.


Emergency Alerts to Keep You Ahead of Problems

One of the biggest threats to utilities is weather. Downed power lines, flooded sewage systems and frozen pipes all pose major issues for utility companies.

The key to increasing response time to these issues is knowing when severe weather is headed for your area.

GCS can help you increase safety and efficiency with NOAA Weather Radio SAME weather alerts on your portable two-way radios. The average tornado warning only comes 15 minutes in advance, meaning that your staff needs to get alerts as quickly as possible whether they’re on a job site or at a facility.

Weather events aren’t the only time you’ll need to alert employees quickly. Sometimes you need a way to quickly get a message to an entire facility – this is where wireless mass notification systems come in.

GCS has efficient and affordable options for notification system upgrades and installations. A quality two-way radio makes it possible for you to broadcast messages to your entire facility – even during a power outage.

Utilize Two-Way Radios for Better Operations

Private and public utilities are crucial to people’s day to day lives. Comfort, safety and health can all be jeopardized without proper electric, gas, water and sewage operations.

Keep your customers happy and your profits up by never having to worry about efficiency and communications.

GCS will match you with the best digital two-way radio solution for your business. Contact us today to start improving your communications system.