Winston-Salem Two-Way Radio System Installation and Maintenance

Keeping Winston-Salem Businesses Secure and Connected

Every day your facility or business requires clear communication. Whether you’re on a construction site that prioritizes safety, a local school that organizes its students or a hospital that must respond to emergency situations, your staff requires trustworthy communication equipment.

These lines of contact can be broken by a variety of factors. Maybe you have outdated and faulty hardware or your equipment is too complicated for the average user. In the event of an emergency, you need reliable equipment that can quickly and clearly communicate important information across large distances.

You can’t afford to settle for less.

For over 20 years, Winston-Salem businesses have trusted GCS Electronics and Communications to install, repair and maintain their reliable two-way radio systems. You’ll work with our flexible team that can scale to meet your evolving needs when you need them most.


Reliable Communication Solutions with Two-Way Radios

Through dedicated radio systems, two-way radio devices keep individuals in consistent contact. Varying from simple individual radios to complex county-wide encrypted systems, these solutions are designed to meet your specific communication needs.

Two-way radios provide stable connections thanks to their direct connection to individual devices. While cell phones and landline phones are more common, they’re less reliable as they rely on physical cell towers and underground lines. In the event of an emergency, these lines could be cut or inaccessible, meaning these devices become essentially useless.

This is why two-way radios are perfect for keeping open communication during emergency situations.

GCS specializes in providing two-way radio solutions for a variety of local industries. When your healthcare facility, education building, public safety operation or industrial business runs into an emergency, two-way radio systems provide the clear and reliable communication channels you need to keep your team safe.

Scalable Two-Way Radio Systems

You might hear “two-way radios” and immediately think of the portable radios, or “walkie-talkies”. These common devices are just one type of two-way radio your Winston-Salem business can utilize. This technology encompasses many different forms that can meet your specific needs and operation size.


  • Handheld/Portable Radios: Designed for portability and convenience, portable radios are used by organizations who need to communicate across a facility or event. These small devices allow for quick and easy communication. These devices can improve safety, productivity and security within your facility.


  • Repeaters and Base Stations: When you need to extend the coverage of your two-way radio systems, you need a base station device ad repeater. Base stations work best for 24/7 communication needs, providing desktop devices designed for comfortability and power. Repeaters specifically improve the range of your mobile radios and devices, helping them reach farther than they would on their own.


  • Radio Over IP: Radio Over Internet Protocol (RoIP) is a form of two-way communication that uses digital signals to send transmissions across the internet or private connection, such as a VPN. This creates clear voice communication and the flexibility to scale your services as need be.

Two-Way Radio Services for Industry Professionals in Winston-Salem, NC

GCS specializes in installing and servicing two-way radio systems for a variety of industries in Winston-Salem. These industries include:

  • Healthcare
  • Public Safety
  • Education
  • Manufacturing
  • Industrial

While every industry requires different levels of service, everyone needs reliable communication during an emergency or event. That’s why you’ll receive a customized solution designed to scale with your changing needs.

Our decades of experience in the two-way radio field means we have the capability to provide you with a wide range of equipment options. From simple portable radios to complex encrypted communication systems, we can meet your needs.

Our two-way radio capabilities include:

  • Repeaters and Repeater Infrastructure
  • Antennas, Network Consulting and Infrastructure
  • End-User Subscriber Devices and Accessories
  • FCC Licensing
  • Capacity Upgrades
  • Maintenance and Repair Services
  • Firmware and Software Upgrades
  • System Upgrades
  • System & Risk Assessments
  • Financing and Flexible Payment Terms
  • 24/7 System Monitoring

Versatile Partners in Two-Way Radio Communication Services

Hundreds of business owners and managers across Winston-Salem and North Carolina have relied on our expertise to install and maintain their two-way radio systems. That’s because GCS has provided our clients with efficiency, safety and reliability across their organization since 1993.

People come to us not only because of our experience and proven track record but also for our commitment to customer service. We work with you to craft a customized communication solution for your organization. We consider your unique needs and how we can match you with the right technology.

This involves in-depth conversations about your business goals and needs, making time for staff training and education, all while fitting within your budget and time frame.

Our customer service extends to building long-term relationships. As the experts who install your two-way radio systems, we’re always available to upgrade your existing hardware and software to scale with your needs. We stay on the cutting edge thanks to consistent training so we can best serve you in your time of need.

Above all else, we care about our community. Two-way radios bring security and productivity to our factories, law enforcement, hospitals, schools and local events. We want to proactively protect our Winston-Salem community the best way we know how: through reliable two-way radio communication services.


Trusted Partners Improving Two-Way Radio Services

GCS would be nothing without its partners. We put our trust in their products and services to ensure you receive the two-way radio equipment possible. Our premier partners include:

Improve Your Safety and Responsiveness

When you need reliable two-way radio communications in Winston-Salem, NC, you need the local leaders in two-way radio services. GCS provides personalized communication solutions for emergency responders, educators, plant managers and everyone in-between.

Our services cover Greensboro, Winston-Salem and Burlington, meaning you’re one phone call away from exceptional customer service and reliable communication. Contact us to expand your communication capabilities.