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Is your school struggling to coordinate lockdowns? Is your staff equipped with radios that don’t provide coverage throughout your school building and campus?

After an emergency situation, the number one limitation education facilities list in their after-action report is lack of quick communications.

There is a simple way to improve your emergency response and your daily communications.

GCS can equip your school with a simple multi-radio system or begin building a fully integrated solution to prepare you for every situation. Our team services individual schools and serves as a preferred vendor for districts such as Guilford County Schools in North Carolina. 


Communication Tools to Improve School Security

In 2022, The Virginia Educator’s Guide for Planning and Conducting School Emergency Drills recommended that schools prepare for emergencies and lockdowns by having two-way radios on hand. According to the preparedness document, they suggest having your radio be able to connect with the:

  • Main office
  • Transportation department
  • Law enforcement
  • Fire/EMS

The document also encourages schools to equip their school buses with radios and have weather alert radios on hand. It is also recommended that schools have access to emergency and standard communications devices when there is a problem at the school.

North Carolina’s goals for better school safety also include multiple communications initiatives. According to the State Action Plan, schools should be working towards better interoperability with local law enforcement equipment and guidance for emergency communications that minimizes trauma.

Two-way radios provide teachers, administrators, staff members and first responders with a tool to easily communicate with each other. Your handheld walkie talkie can travel anywhere and quickly connect you to team members across your school.

Walkie Talkie Servicing and Installations for Elementary, Middle and High Schools

You have kids to educate, nurture and keep safe. The last thing you need on your plate is tracking down the best two-way radios and keeping them working 24/7.

GCS handles all of that for you. Our team identifies your communications needs, finds walkie talkies that work with your budget and handle your lifetime services.

Your two-way radio system can include:


Portable Radios

Education faculty and staff require clear and secure communications no matter the facility size or scope. An effective two-way radio system at your school must have excellent coverage with reliable equipment. Does your current solution live up to your needs? If the answer is no, give us a call-we can provide an on-site needs assessment at no charge.

Some examples of two-way radio system configurations for schools are:

  • Single Building
  • Entire Campus
  • Multi-Site Community Colleges
  • School Bus Transportation Systems

Equipment and Technologies used  in Education Systems:

  • Analog (typically older, legacy systems)
  • Digital (DMR or NXDN)
  • Conventional Repeaters for seamless, reliable coverage
  • Trunked Systems for advanced features such as “All-Call”

911 Connection

Placing calls to 911 are not part of a school’s regular operations but when an emergency occurs, you need to be prepared. GCS can work with your school to seamlessly connect your two-way radio system to the nearest 911 center.

Give the staff on your campus access to instant emergency communications. In the event of an accident, outside threat or medical issue, you can quickly alert 911 dispatchers, school resource officers and administrators.


Alerting Systems

Get NOAA Weather Radio SAME weather alerts directly on your school’s portable two-way radio to dramatically reduce your reaction times to severe weather alerts. An average tornado warning is only 15 minutes. Will that “cheap” weather radio you have in the office work? Will 15 minutes be enough time? We can show you a better way to get it done.


Public Address Systems

Do you have to go back to a phone and call the PA system? Did you know we can integrate your two-way radio system to your current PA system? Save time and effort by bringing more functionality into the palm of your hand. Make the “All-Call” right from your radio. In other words, things have changed.


Emergency Call Boxes

Emergency Call Boxes provide peace of mind for everyone who sees them. When the call box button is pressed, you will receive direct notification on your two-way radio and you will be able to communicate directly with the person needing help. Place these call boxes in convenient areas where help may be needed.

Learn How to Get Started With GCS

Is your school in need of a universal and comprehensive communications system? Whether you’re operating a multiple building high school or a small elementary school, you can get help optimizing your school’s daily operations and safety protocols.

Schools and educational buildings across Southern Virginia and Northern North Carolina can rely on GCS for two-way radio installations, repairs and maintenance.

Give our team a call today to improve your school’s communications system. 

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